Holiday Magic of a Different Sort

   This year the holidays may be different than usual.  We are in a massive cycle of releasement and healing in whatever way, shape, or form that takes.  You may feel as though you are on a rollercoaster ride of emotions ranging from feeling good to downright hopeless. There may be family secrets that come out or you may find that your relatives are blurting out things that may embarass you.  Or you might be having vivid nonsensical dreams about the past.   It's all right!!    Allow  it! Let it be! Embrace it! It needs to come out to make room for the new..

   I have been a Medium my entire life. Now during this time of great change, mediumship is also changing.  In my experience as a healer, some of our loved ones in the spirit world have signed on with the Angelic Hierarchy to help their families on Earth heal any unforgiveness, anger, despair, and the like.  They call this generational mediumship where the spirit shows up during a healing whispering evidential guidance to the healer.  The healer then can relay that to the client so they can move past  emotional obstacles that they may have to holding onto.

  There is  a Divine Door opening. It is the entryway to loving ourselves and loving all that is.  There is so much in this world to judge, that makes us angry, and hate even.  There is no value in that.  We must take the high road. "I took  the one" as Robert Frost so elegantly put it, "less travelled by-and that has made all the difference." 

  As an energy practitioner, I have been blessed with Divine sight on several different levels.  That is, the ability to see beyond the here and now and through the Grace of God,  helping anyone who is open to releasing it.  Finding the silver lining or the truth that  has been hidden, buried, or unseen especially in the emotional body; clears the way for inner peace.  It provides clarity and  understanding why things are happen as they do.  When we come face to face with the truth of any buried past traumas still in our system, small or large, true healing can begin.







 Thank you all who have attended the Angelic Clinics!!  The healing energy that comes through us all is so very vital and filled with love.   The mediumship and the divine solutions are protective, supportive, and beautiful.  

 Individual healings in person,  phone or Skype,  are available.

The Angelic Clinics will return on Sunday, August 7th, 2017.  

 We are being called to act on our divine ideas and insights and our Angels are helping us through this profound transition we are now experiencing. I love teaching about the angels and other metaphysical ways to manifest our hearts' desires.

Magically yours, Karen




Angelic Healing Clinics

 Each first Sunday of the month of 1- 3pm @  the sacred space of The Yoga Center of Newburyport, I am honored and happy to host loving support and healing to those in attendance of an Angelic Healing Clinic.  Yesterday, April 2nd, was the beginning of working with the energy of a group, being so happy to host loving divine assistance and healing to those in attendance.

  Thanks to all who were there yesterday! I feel so blessed to be able to sit with people who fearlessly were open, honest, understanding and loving.  The more open and honest we were, the more divine love came flowing through.

  Our new world is being attuned to higher vibrations and learning a mastery of self love and self respect.  We are being asked to understand a new language of light and a new profound understanding that we are molecules of deservingness, hope, respect, and honor and it is time to allow the new to shine in and shine on!!

 Call or email to sign up to join us for the next one on Sunday, May 7th!

What in the world is going on in our world?

  My dreams are scattered remnants of the past strung together by my memory being gathered up to show the releasement that is taking place.  

  Through my own trajectory on the spiritual path and the clients that I am blessed to help, I see that humanity is being uplifted by the releasement of present, past, and parallel life traumas, contracts, and decrees, This is done through the access of ourown free will as well as with certain passed-on loved ones in heaven; who are working with the  Ascended Masters, especially Jesus and the Christ Light Angelic Hierarchy and kind galactic beings  helping humanity move into the power of God, Goddess, and All that is.

 Each healing is unique and the power of God that streams through never ceases to amaze me!


Believing in New Beginnings


 Here we are in 2017 hurtling through time, recognizing that everything is changing and our political and social landscape will never be the same. If that makes you feel unsettled, the thing to do is to create Happier Thoughts and Dream Big!!  Focus on Hope and Joy combined with a healthy dose of prayer for those that do not yet understand. What we focus on, is what is brought to us, by us.  

Sometimes a change in focus involves taking a leap of faith.   And it is in that spirit, after 4 years of doing a weekly FM radio show, and in the words of Robert Frost, "I am taking the road for me, less traveled by. And that has made all the difference."  My guidance tells me it is now time to take new avenues to become a voice for love and light.  It is time to become fearless and to take  advantage of the metaphysical and technological tools that are available. 

We are living in a changeable landscape. Our Earth is being re-scripted to envelope only love.  With such dense energy here, it is going to take consistent faith, trust, and guided action to do our part.  That is what I am doing.

I am concentrating on bringing my healing and metaphysical teaching skills to more and more people.  My office @ The Yoga Center is busy and flourishing, the next event on February 5th-Opening the Creative Blueprint, has quite a few people, but there is still room for more, and I am adding a class at night in my office to teach Healing WITH the Ancients: utilizing Atlantean healing techniques that I have found to be the most profoundly life altering.

Energy Healing changed  my life and it changes many other peoples's  as well.  There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing someone sit up on the healing table after a session with a light  peaceful expression on their face, knowing that their hearts were opened and understanding that their wounds and fears are illusions that can be healed by the Grace of God.




Psychic Reading and Energy Healing-what are the differences?

It is endlessly fascinating to me how energy works!  When I first began, I did not understand what the difference a psychic reading and energy healing.  And lately, I have come to realize that it is most important to understand for clarification.

Firstly, healing is something that human beings cannot quantify.  It is indeed a blessing when one can train themselves to "hear" their divine guidance and it is even more of a gift to give it to others.  Most imperative, is that a psychic reading come through the channels of love and light and less from a human filter or perspective.  False information can easily slide through with a sleight of hand from the ego.  Psychic readings can give very worthy information, yet what we do  with the information given is what is important.  

Energy Healing and Psychic Readings do each have their place, but it is important to the seeker to know which one is appropriate for their spiritual growth.  Many people either walk around with what they consider to be a deficit about themselves, or they are unclear on how to extricate themselves from the past, present, or have created a lack of love and direction and now are living out the consequences. Energy healing transcends time and allows the conduit or the healer to access different stages of different peoples lives, either in the parallel, present, or the past thus offering freedom from different types of emotional pain.

HAPPY 2017

Happy Blessed New Year Everyone!

  2017 for me means making peace with my inner child and becoming whole enough to create more joy and creativity in my life.  Becoming one with myself is important on several levels. First I seek to have and maintain an inner peace. Second, I wish to  continue to quench an insatiable desire to  hear and understand more clearly what I consider to be divine communication. 

  I feel that I am at a point in my evolution where it is possible to be  even a more an active participant and co-creator of the Earth to help myself and others understand the answers to questions that will help bring inner joy and happiness.

 May the concept of joy come to you and stay with you, for that seems to be paramount right now to be the springboard for happiness and co-creation.




  Sometimes,  my childhood surfaces through the memories of the euphemisms of my father's lexicon.  He, a high school drop out, instead elected to go fight for his country in  World War II. And  finally many years later, at the urging of my sister, received his high school diploma at age 70. A gentle soul, he used to read the dictionary for pleasure and enjoyed the English language. He proudly  expanded his vocabulary by utilizing it whenever appropriate with my  brother, sister, and I.

  These memories open the door to the good and not so good parts of childhood, a light admonishment, not paying attention to its wisdom back then:  and yet, how apropos, as it now illuminates  the  innards of my mind;  shedding light on my life as I remember it then, and how I experience it now. 

  The healing that is done through me and what I and many others are now experiencing,  is clearing the once cluttered  basement and the attic of this life and past life experiences. Once dealt with and gone, we clear the energetic space to dream and create! We must stop wasting our time creating illusions of blockages and negativity. We now have the tools to make our dreams come true!  As my father gently but firmly said, "Do not give up, we must try, try, and try again."  

As we move through the energy of the past, and into the present moment of creation, we enter eternal light. The power of being a conscious creator who honors the God, Goddess and all that is; our sustenance, our abundance, and our unending power and belief in the greatness of being an active  participant of Source Energy.





This is the first chance I have had to write since the Looking Within event happened at The Yoga Center of Newburyport.  I was so delighted and thankful at the sold out crowd of light workers and the level of love in the room was palpable and warm with divine white light .  People who had never before met in this lifetime, became friends and it was as if the angels had orchestrated a class reunion.  

Many of us are meeting long lost soulmates at this pivotal time of our planet's evolution into higher levels or love and light.  The meetings are usually by chance and may only be for a few minutes or become a lasting friendship. It is always astonishing to me how the divine has everything planned out and how we only need to delve deep into our feelings and ask them to help us to understand the signs to enjoy the sublime loving connection to Source. Somehow when we are ready, they find a way to show it to us whether it is a visit through mediumship or a synchronistic event, the divine knows. Trust your inner guidance and trust in love!




  Forgiveness is a common word in the lexicon of spiritual seekers and teachers.  I find it to be quite misunderstood, and yet it is the most powerful thing that we can do, especially for ourselves and certainly for others and the world.  If, and this is a big if, we know how to do it and allow ourselves.  For so many years I thought I was doing it, only to discover I was eluding myself.

  Such a simple word, yet it is layered with meanings that can change your life.  So needless to have to learn lessons in even a more difficult way. When truly practicing this forgiveness, we become aware,  really, the truth be told and understood, of an inner peace and understanding such as you have never felt before. 

   One of the most difficult and challenging things for me to do has been to forgive myself for things that were only a result of doing the best that I could do at the time. They weren’t even horrible things, but they blew up in my mind and as a result, I was bogged down with heavy, toxic, ego based thoughts and I was forever trying to erase them in my mind. Yet, I knew deep in my heart;  that I truly did not deserve the punishment that I was trying to heap upon myself. And yet, there they were, constant reminders of the past.

     In my own experience, before the act of forgiveness is sincerely given or received, one must be able to be cognizant  of the painful life experiences that we have either allowed or have been subject to, for we created them!  That is, not to blame ourselves, but to release in order to grow.

    As someone who was afraid to speak my truth for many years, various harsh situations and people appeared as mirrors to reflect to me, what I was not able to see, feel, or understand about myself.  And on top of being unable to express myself, I buried these experiences and pretended that they did not exist.  Only when things became unbearable and an Angel sat on my bed one evening, did I pay attention. The guidance was that my life was about to change in a very big way.  And even that was just a catalyst, for there were many years of healing the past that were to come and even to this day, still come.  It is paramount to be able to come to terms with the hurt and the rawness of the emotion, and who or what may have caused it.  Then the realization of what we were being taught begins to dawn on us. This is an opening, a window of opportunity to benefit from it and teach others what you have learned.  And as a spiritual and former public school teacher, I  know that there are many ways to teach and learn, but the most profound is from example and by example.

  Forgiveness cannot be forced, nor can it hurried, but through energy healing or other types of healing art or therapy that one resonates with, and a willingness to open the mind and heart to see beyond the situation in the physical world,  inner peace can prevail.  Gaining a  true understanding of the meaning of an experience, one's vision becomes less skewed of themselves so as to be able to see with different eyes what our particular life experiences are trying to tell us.  

  Forgiveness to me means looking, really staring into the depths of ourselves and at the people and situations that hurt us. Allowing and unveiling the truth of our experiences, brings the pardoning of ourselves, for whatever we feel we could or should have done differently.  It can be the most challenging and the most rewarding of our personal endeavors.